My time in LSD

[Breve explicação: eu sei que o comum desse blog não é escrever em inglês, mas esse post é especial para me candidatar a uma bolsa de estudos, em breve terá a tradução do post em português ^^]

No worries, this post is not about being a drug addict or overcoming drug addiction, you won’t read about drugs hereby! haha This post is to talk about my amazing year working at the Laboratory of Distributed System (or in Portuguese, Laboratório de Sistemas Distrubuídos, or in its acronyms, LSD). I had the privilege of working there for one year, I must say that I was so lucky to get in there: I had no previous experience with software development (ok, I have developed a mobile app during high school, but it was not a big software project), and I was just a freshman.

I worked in the development team of one middleware which aims federate private clouds  named Fogbow Cloud, my first contribution to this project was the development of a green tool, this tool aims to use the computer capacity of school’s/companies’s personal computer for the cloud while they are idle: the idea is very simple, if we detect that no one is using a personal computer, because of the lack of keyboard and mouse activities, we put it on in the cloud, and when someone starts to use this computer, the cloud is turned down on it.

The first thing that I had to learn was how to use github, what is an issue, an organization, how to commit, how to fork, how to merge, etc. (you can learn a little bit more about it here), my second biggest challenge was to do a contribution to an external library: I was working with OpenStack and Java, and in Openstack java API there was not a command to list the host capacities. My first suggestion was to do a workaround, that would had a big cost to maintain in a near future, but fortunately I had a great project manager that suggested me to do a contribution in the open source Java API of OpenStack, so I spent almost 2 weeks studying this library and finally I could implement and contribute with the library! I got so happy when they merged my pull request! I am sure that if I have made my workaround I would implement it in a few hours, but I would not deeply learn about OpenStack 4J (I applied my knowledge in other parts of the project a few days after ), and of course that my solution would not benefit anyone else, and for sure the cost of maintenance would be much bigger.



During the rest of my time in LSD, I worked with the open source part of Microsoft Azure (yes, Microsoft develops OpenSource!!), and also I adopted GitHub and OpenSource to all my personal and college projects. Working on the development team of Fogbow helped me to gain a lot of knowledge on software development that is a key in any career that I’ll choose in my life.


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